Academic Degrees and Programs

Each student at the School of Law has an opportunity to craft a curriculum drawing from numerous classes, clinics, concentrations, research centers, degree programs, and a library to build a rich sequence of courses and experiences.

  • 1/13/20
    The changing market for legal services is fueling the growth of new law-related career possibilities. Many of these careers do not require the skills of a licensed attorney, but they do demand a sound understanding of the law. By gaining an understanding of the basic functional areas of law, you will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace, wherever your career takes you.
  • 8/22/19
    A UB School of Law education incorporates both the theory of law and the real-world skills that new graduates need to succeed as lawyers.
  • 8/22/19
    Lawyers looking to take their career to the next level will find challenge, choice and flexibility at the School of Law where our students come from around the globe.
  • 9/17/19
    A program for those who already have a law degree and who wish to practice U.S. law, either in the U.S. or abroad.
  • 2/24/20
    A comprehensive range of optional programs and concentrations will distinguish you in the marketplace.
  • 6/27/19
    Dual degree programs give you a career advantage: reduce the total time required to earn two degrees by up to a year.