Career Services for Employers.

Acquire Talent

The Career Services Office has several programs available to assist employers in meeting their hiring needs.

The Career Services Office has several programs available to assist employers in meeting their hiring needs. Candidates for Law Clerk, Entry-Level, and Experienced Attorney positions can be found through our office. Select the service that suits your anticipated hiring needs.

There is no fee for services. If you have any questions, please contact

2020-21 Recruiting Policy

School of Law will offer recruiting services throughout the 2020-2021 academic year for entry-level, academic-year, and summer 2021 positions. This includes honoring requests for virtual and, as circumstances permit, in-person on-campus interviews beginning in early September and continuing through late spring.

We recognize the challenges associated with recruiting this year and are committed to supporting the efforts of all of our employer-partners.

Please see below for information on how to participate in our 2020-21 Recruiting Season.

Interview Dates

Based on the academic course schedule Fridays are the best day of the week to avoid conflicts with scheduled classes. September 4th is the first available date of the fall semester, and November 20th is the last. Alternative dates may be available by request.

A formal OCI session is tentatively scheduled for the last week in January and the first week in February.

Registration for that session is open now, and employers that anticipate recruiting at that time are encouraged to register.

How to Recruit

For this recruiting season, our services may be requested through a single streamlined form within our web-based platform, LOCK (powered by 12Twenty).

  1. Sign in or register here:
  2. Utilize the “Post a Job” feature and input your job description and criteria.
  3. Select "Type of Job" (choosing all that apply).
  4. Select "Interview Format" and include proposed dates as applicable.
  5. Select "Application Method". For application collects and in-person or virtual interviewing hosted by the School, select “apply via this site” only. Otherwise, select the methods by which you would like to receive applications directly from candidates.

For assistance or for additional requests, contact Arlene Rizzo, Recruiting Coordinator, or Marc Davies, Associate Director, We look forward to helping you develop a recruiting strategy tailored to your business needs.